GlocalMe [全球4G極速零漫遊Pocket Wifi] GlocalMe G3 金色 (隨機附送2GB全球數據) / [Global 4G High Speed Roaming Pocket Wifi] GlocalMe G3 Gold (With 2GB Global Data)



- 免SIM卡 SIM Free - 無須預先登記、一買即用 Get connection immediately without further setup - 全球覆蓋 Global Coverage - 按量收費、價格相宜 Fair and Attractive Rate - 多網連接、訊號穩定 Stable Network - 親友分享、多人共用 Shareable with friends and family - 4寸觸控屏幕 4 inch LED Touch Screen - 持久電力 Long-lasting Battery - 便攜式充電功能 Portable Charging Function - 24小時支援 24hr Support 此產品提供 1 年保養 Warranty period: 1 year